PAT Testing Training Courses

Do you want to PAT Test your own equipment?  Do you want to make some money PAT Testing for other people?

Then the best way to start is to attend a PAT Testing training course.

PAT Testing Expert run training courses in the subject, at many locations across the UK, including Scotland, England and Wales.


It’s a one day, practical training course, with a certificate at the end.

The best way to learn how to carry out PAT Testing is by DOING it – and so this course contains a long practical session, with 35-40 different appliances to test. There are lots of diiferent industry standard machines to look at. Also, there are lots of different real-world scenarios so you get some actual practical experience

Plus,  you’ll be learning from the UK’s leading expert in the field. Tim James has been PAT testing for more than 30 years, and teaching people how to carry it out for more than 25 years.

Feedback from previous delegates is always amazing, people often tell us that they’ve attempted to learn from an online course, or a DVD, or even by attending another course; but it wasn’t until they attended our course that they really understood the process.

PAT Testing is not a complicated subject to learn, but you have to learn from a good teacher.

Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying that ‘unless you can explain something in simple terms then you don’t really understand it.’ In an unregulated industry, there are plenty of so called ‘experts’ out there, but actually very few are. We called our company PAT Testing Expert; because this is everything, and the only thing, that we do.

If you have a group of people to train, then we can organise on-site training for you. Contact us today and we’ll send you over a proposal. or give us a call during office hours on 01482 738826.

If you want to book 1-3 people on a course, then you can book online here – PAT Testing Courses


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