What is PAT Testing?

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If you use electrical equipment in your workplace - whether it be a kettle, computer, fax machine, radio or electrical drill, there is a danger that somebody might be injured or killed if it becomes faulty.

PAT Testing is a way of checking electrical items to see if they are still safe, and taking them out of use if any faults are found.

PAT Testing is not a legal requirement, but it's certainly a good idea. If you don't have your equipment tested regularly and you have an accident, you're in big trouble!

Further Information

Why is it called PAT Testing?

PAT is short for 'Portable Appliance Testing' which means that, when you say 'PAT Testing' you are in fact saying the word 'Testing' twice! That's a prime example of something called Redundant Acronym Syndrome - it's actually very common - think of 'LCD Display, ATM Machine, PIN Number, HGV Vehicle and all the others!.

See this link on Wikipedia about RAS Syndrome (see what we did, there?)

There are loads of great sites across the net giving advice on PAT Testing.

For more information about PAT Testing, try these sites

www.pattest.info www.pattest.org www.pat-testing-labels.com www.pattesting.tv

Now, for PAT Testing advice, training and consultancy, you are advised to contact PAT Testing Expert.

For PAT Testing Equipment, sales of accessories, labels, plugs and fuses, contact Yotari.

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